Screenshot of Canvas page for the course Charting a Pathway From the Military to a Civilian Career

Canvas Collaboration

In 2018, I worked with a small group to create a module to upload into the Canvas Commons, Charting a Pathway From the Military to a Civilian Career. This was part of a graduate class at the University of Central Florida in which we worked with subject matter experts from the Veteran’s Services department at Broward College to ascertain the need of veterans who are in the process of transitioning into a civilian life. We decided to create a module on how to use LinkedIn to break into the civilian job market. The emphasis of our project was to fully explore the steps of the Dick and Carey model:

  • “Identify instructional goals
  • Conduct instructional analysis & analyze learners and context
  • Write performance objectives
  • Develop criterion-referenced test items
  • Develop instructional strategy
  • Develop and select instructional materials” (Dick et al., 2022, pp. 2-3)

Creating a detailed analysis and design plan is helpful to ensure that the content developed in a course or training actually meets the needs of learners. The documents produced through this process are also invaluable for the collaborative process since a record is established that can be used by any person at any time, even for evaluation and revision purposes.

Development Process

First, we developed a document to analyze goals, subordinate skills, learners, and context.

Then, we planned our instructional strategies, media selection, and assessments to ensure that we met instructional objectives.

We created an in-depth storyboard to plant the script and layout.

Finally, we input the content into Canvas where it’s still available in the Commons.

Image of Canvas page showing text related to the content, Develop a LinkedIn Profile. An image is present of a LinkedIn screenshot


Analysis Document

Instructional Strategies and Selections Document



Dick, W., Carey, L., & Carey, J. (2022). The systematic design of instruction (9th ed.). Pearson.

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