Screenshot of hybrid course announcement in Canvas

Hybrid Development

I have taught as an adjunct instructor off and on since 2003. I started teaching Prep Reading, and at FSCJ, I have taught Developmental Writing and Foundations of College Success. The first years I taught, I only used the face-to-face modality. However, at FSCJ I began to teach hybrid courses for which I had to design the online portion of my courses myself. I explored using the “flipped classroom” method, in which I had students work in a computer lab while I assisted them with their questions. However, I ultimately preferred using class time for short lectures and group work and assigning online work from an ancillary product and LMS assignments. This experience was vital for my work as a project coordinator with Florida State College at Jacksonville. I supported adjunct faculty who were also teaching hybrid courses, and I learned that there was a great deal of confusion for how to do so. Some faculty required students to complete too much online work, and some required too little. In collaboration with my supervisor at the time, Martha McNulty, we devised a training method for our faculty to provide guidance on how to divide their curriculum. I spent a great deal of time sitting with faculty, training them, and assisting them with inputting their learning content into the LMS (Blackboard at the time).

We also developed a guide to provide further clarity.

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