Screenshot of a frame from the Transformation animation video

Miscellaneous Media

I really enjoy working with different types of media because it’s satisfying to take ideas and represent them visually, whether through images, time-based media, or web-specific content. I have experience using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, and HTML to create simple content that could be used as part of curricular design.

Although not an expert, I can maneuver my way around Adobe Photoshop to alter images that can be used for educational content. Clearly, this image is not for educational purposes but was part of a college project to practice using layers.

For this project, I used HTML5 to create a simple contact form. I enjoy working with HTML when making specific modifications to Canvas or website content as a way to reach the exact look for the best results.

This simple JavaScript exercise shows how content can be developed to create flash cards.

Using Adobe Animate, I created a simple animation as a project for my multimedia course at UCF.

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