Screenshot of first frame of the video, called Video in Music

Modern Music Project

As part of an application for a contemporary music writing seminar, I developed a blog site to share my work. Websites share many features with the modern LMS in that they are a great delivery method for educational content and media. My site showed that teaching can occur over the web by using free resources. Although not part of a course, I believe that the articles, video, and podcast I developed display my ability to develop modern and engaging educational content that correspond to multiple learning styles. Many learners already enjoy watching videos and listening to podcasts recreationally, so these types of media are exciting and powerful tools for any educator.

For this video, I edited content in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. While part narrative, the intention is educational.

A Down and Dirty Introduction to Contemporary Classical Music The musicforourtimes's Podcast

If you thought that classical music was old, dusty, and irrelevant, think again. Contemporary composers shake expectations by exploring new sounds and techniques as well as blending different genres. It's a music that's difficult to define because so many composers are doing different things, but this episode cracks the nut open so that you can continue exploring this wide and surprising musical world.

I used Adobe Audition and Garageband to record and edit the audio files for this podcast.

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