Image of the first page of the Mighty CA Wiki, showing the table of contents

Moodle Course for POCA

I was fortunate to work with POCA, a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and support of community acupuncture, as an intern, which was the final step in achieving my master degree from UCF. I worked with a subject matter expert and used the ADDIE model of instructional design to develop a five-credit CEU course for licensed acupuncturists. POCA already has a unique culture, and without intending to do so, they already utilize the situated learning educational theory (Lave) in that they rely on each other, as a community of practitioners, to share knowledge and support. I felt that it was my job as the instructional designer to uphold their community-based culture in a new course, Community Acupuncture (CA) 101. I did this by including forum assignments, and the content of the course was comprised of information from POCA’s wikis and forums, which I helped edit into an OER PDF document titled The Mighty CA Wiki.

Walk-Through of CA 101 Course

Storyboard Document

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