Screenshot of home page of the course Boosting Engagement: Research-Based Online Teaching Strategies

Research-Based Online Teaching Strategies

The final project of my master degree program was to develop a five-module course in Canvas. I chose to focus on the topic of research-based online teaching strategies as I was focused on this topic in my work at the time. I trained newly hired online adjunct faculty and observed their online classrooms, and I began to assemble proven online teaching tips that I could share. I first developed a short handout, and then I shared this information as a presentation as part of my institution’s Professional Development Day. I then developed the content into Canvas.

The ASSURE method was used to develop the content for the course, Boosting Online Engagement. In addition, QM standards were utilized to ensure that all learning content, activities, and assessments aligned with course and module learning outcomes.

Instructor Handout

Storyboard for Canvas Course

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