Synchronous Online Teaching/Training Presentation

Using Articulate Storyline 3, I made a brief presentation on nine research-based tips for teaching or training using the synchronous online format. The main content utilizes a navigation dial to provide users with a fun and interactive element. Storyline is a wonderful tool to use because of the customizable characters and interesting navigational elements, such as the dial. The audience for this presentation consists of professional educators or trainers, which is why the learning content, although intentionally kept brief, provides specific points that they may find practical and useful. It’s important to not overload each slide with too much information, but it’s also possible to have slides with too little information when the presentation is designed to stand alone, without narration. For this reason, I considered how to best chunk the instruction so that learners can quickly absorb what they find useful. Icons were chosen to represent each tip, but the design was kept minimal so that the learning content would not be overshadowed by distracting and unnecessary visual elements.

Although I was unable to add my Articulate Storyline content directly here (due to some limitations with WordPress), I used Adobe InDesign to digitally publish a PDF file that can be downloaded and referred to at any point. By utilizing the same icons and basic format, the same information can be delivered in multiple mediums, which I think is quite handy as different people may prefer to learn in different applications.

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